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The benefit of online cricket games is that you can enjoy them from anywhere with anybody and anytime. If you are exhausted at work and need a break, simply open our site and start enjoying the games. The online games we offer are accessible from any computer as long as you have flash player installed.

You can be certain we’ve selected just those top rack free online cricket games for genuine sports fans like you. Have a try and start with the precisely chosen online games accessible to you on our website and test your batting and rocking the bowling alley skills. Get started and enjoy it all!


 1. Cricket Premier League

cricketer-premier-league-2 cricketer-premier-league-1

In this fun cricket game, you must pick the most favorite premier league cricket team and start beating your rivals. Can you beat it and become a winner?

 2. IPL Cricket Ultimate

ipl-cricket-ultimate-2 ipl-cricket-ultimate-1

It’s time for IPL Cricket! Show what you got! Show them your batting strength. Use the highlighted arrow to correctly hit the ball with your bat. You should have perfect timing to hit the ball to make scores. You are all free to pick your most loved team and the expected numbers of overs. To win this cricket game, you need to beat the opponent’s score.

 3. Cricket 20-20 Ultimate

cricket-20-20-ultimate-2 cricket-20-20-ultimate-1

The cricket 20-20 is knocking at the door, and so, it’s time to have some practice sessions. So, get ready with your helmet and start right away.

You can select batting or bowling option to practice. Start with whatever you like best, but remember to give your best in the training sessions.

 4. Practice Cricket

practice-cricket-2 practice-cricket-1

It’s time for another practice session. Start practicing in the nets to discover your best shots and be ready for the next cricket world cup. Play this cricket game online now!

 5. Cricket Umpire Decision

cricket-umpire-decision-1 cricket-umpire-decision-2

You are not the player this time. You are going to play the role of the Umpire. So, get started to check out your umpiring talent by facing the Telegraph Umpire Challenge. It’s a magnificent cricket arcade game.

 6. Online Cricket 2011

online-cricket-2011-2 online-cricket-2011-1

Online cricket game 2011 – a great gift for the cricket maniac! The World Cup tournament has come back to entertain you. Pick the most suitable team and choose your players. Go for the toss and decide the bowling or the batting play. Play the best and win the trophy.

 7. Cricket Master Blaster

cricket-master-blaster-2 cricket-master-blaster-1

Another enjoyable cricket game. When you are ready to face the ball, press the Space bar. Determine a shot using the arrow keys. Pick the perfect timing to score a sixer by hitting the ball.

At the first level, you will get only 2 overs to earn 12 runs. Runs requirements will rise with every level to pass the levels. So, give your best to make sure the maximum use of each and every ball you get.

 8. Ben 10 Ultimate Cricket

ben-10-ultimate-cricket-1 ben-10-ultimate-cricket-2

One of the most played Ben 10 games that is very exciting and challenging as well. It’s probably the best Ben 10 game; you played ever. It’s not a traditional cricket game that you are familiar with. Here, your aim will be killing your enemies rather than beating the score of the opponents. So, let’s play and enjoy!

 9. Top Spinner Cricket

top-spinner-cricket-2 top-spinner-cricket-1

Another simple cricket game. All you need to do is align the cricket bat correctly in order to hit the balls coming at you. Can you beat your own record?

 10. Gully Cricket

gully-cricket-1 gully-cricket-2

This Street Cricket is one of the stripped down versions of cricket. And it’s very popular among mass people in the Indian subcontinent. Now you have the opportunity to enjoy it online. Fun and addicting cricket game.

 11. IPL Cricket 2012

ipl-cricket-2012-1 ipl-cricket-2012-2

It’s all about Indian Premier League. Select the most beloved team of you and start bowling or batting. This cricket game is great fun. So let’s just enjoy this free cricket game 2012.

 12. Ashes 2 Ashes Zombie Cricket

ashes-2-ashes-zombie-cricket-1 ashes-2-ashes-zombie-cricket-2

You have to stop the waves of attacking zombies by hitting them with the cricket ball. Try to hit the heads and thus upgrade your game level.

 13. Super Cricket

super-cricket-2 super-cricket-3

If you are a great fan of cricket, prove it to your friends and show them that you are also capable of being a cricket champion. Thus, you can establish your love for cricket before all of your companions.

 14. Cricket Challenge

cricket-challenge-2 cricket-challenge-3

It’s an online Flash Cricket Game. This game is very entertaining and addictive.

 15. Cricket Rivals

cricket-rivals-3 cricket-rivals-2

Reveal your beastly batting skills! Hit the ball pressing the highlighted arrow button on the screen and hit it at the right time to make scores. You can pick any team you love most, and you can also determine the number of overs you want to play. And then you need to beat the rival’s score to grab the victory.

 16. India vs. England Cricket

india-vs-england-cricket-2 india-vs-england-cricket-1

In this game, you are going to play cricket as the captain of the Indian cricket team, and you need to beat the England cricket team in the world cup cricket tournament.

 17. Ultimate Cricket

ultimate-cricket-1 ultimate-cricket-2

This is a unique version of the classic cricket game. It’s not very tough as you will be provided with all of the required instructions just at the moment you start the game. So, there’s not a single chance to get lost. Give your best shot and be the champ!

 18. Super Sixers 2

super-sixers-2-2 super-sixers-2-1

This super addictive game requires you to hit the incoming balls by using the space bar. Go for scoring the maximum possible homers to beat the high score. It’s a quite challenging game which may seem very much tough at the beginning. But, as you proceed and get an understanding of the game, it will appear as a great addiction for you.



No bat or cricket ball is required to play these games, just the savvy use of the arrow keys on your keyboard. There are different keys for bowling bat or swing bat; you simply need to follow the games’ instructional exercises, and you’ll learn which keys used for the batting moves.

As in a real cricket match, there will be a lot of challenge in these online games. Measure your time precisely and don’t hit the bat too early, nor past the point of no return, apparently, for you may very well miss the ball and the opportunity to lead your partners to triumph. When you finish enjoying practicing your batting abilities, venture into the shoes of a cricket bowler and surprise the audience with your catching ability. You can control the gloves on your screen by moving your mouse. Create barriers for each trial of the batsman to break the defense.

For every single cricket fans out there, just remember, you can simply visit our site and begin playing and enjoying these flash games. It’s the best online site where you can discover quality games that are allowed to play straightforwardly from your PC.  You don’t need to pay any charges or register. Play and enjoy new cricket games and stay with us. Good luck!

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